Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Winter is coming, prepare your roof and gutters

ADKS roof and gutter de-icing cables help end costly ice damage by preventing ice dam formation and promoting the free flow of water through gutters and downspouts to ground level. This product is for the sole intended use of preventing ice dams from forming on inclined roofs with tab shingles, in gutters and in downspouts. This roof de-icing cable is not intended for use as a snow-melting system to clear roof of ice and snow. Never install on a flat roof. Never install on combustible materials. Not suitable for use on metal roofs: contact EasyHeat for appropriate cable solutions.

There’s no need to “babysit” your de-icing cable. Roof Sentry® RS2 measures both temperature and moisture to turn the system on or off in response to changing weather conditions. Pre-terminated lengths from 20 to 240 feet

  • Rated at 5 watts per foot
  • 120 Vac
  • Includes a three wire grounded plug with a 6-foot power cord
  • UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards and CSA Certified