Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Presidential Reviewing Stands

Dominion Electric Supply provided the lighting for the 2013 PRESIDENTIAL REVIEWING STANDS.  Stacey Estep in our Commercial Lighting Department was the Salesperson and the Project Manager was Barbara Bosch. The contractor on the project was Heller Electric Company.

This was a very fast paced job that required a significant amount of negotiating with our vendors to achieve the deadline.

Read more about the project on the Electrical Construction and Maintenance website:


Heller Electric Co. Finishes Electric Install for Presidential Inauguration
This year marks the 11th consecutive time Heller Electric Co., Inc. has completed electric work for the Presidential Inauguration. This year's ceremony is scheduled for January 21. Work on the 57th Presidential Inauguration began almost immediately after the election. Electrical Alliance contractor Heller Electric began electric installation on three separate structures for the ceremony: the Presidential Reviewing Stand, Media Stand, and Mayoral Parade Reviewing Stand the week before Thanksgiving. Since then, an average of nine electricians worked 10-hour days, up to seven days a week to ensure it was completed by January 7.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Happy 2013!

Reviewing my ever growing in-box, I did take the time to read the newest Attardi Marketing Energy Watch newsletter.  I always have at least one take away.   This week it was an article about the health benefits of LED Lighting. Fascinating!
  The Health Benefits of LED Lighting - Solid-state lighting (SSL) is shaping up to be a remarkably complex technology, combining the sciences of light and color with the potential to provide many features that were previously unattainable in a lighting system. Because LEDs emit light at precise wavelengths—that is, where a specific spectral composition of light is important—they are ripe for medical/health benefit applications. We are just at the threshold of understanding how light levels and colors affect people— the intricacies of the interaction between lighting and our circadian rhythms. When we don’t receive a strong, regular reception of light, our “body clock” malfunctions. If a lighting control system can adjust the spectral content of light as well as the light level throughout the day, imitating the daylong presence of sunlight, it can help our biological clock, or circadian rhythm, stay in sync. http://ecmweb.com/lighting-amp-control/health-benefits-led-lighting

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