Thursday, February 23, 2012


RAB Lighting shoots for the heart of
the commercial outdoor lighting market
with the introduction of an affordable
LED product, the LPACK 20.
The LPACK 20 competes with the
traditional lighting alternatives in
quality of light delivered. Night time
simulations show the LPACK 20
outperforming 150W Metal Halide
wallpacks based on Lighting Facts
Compliant IES LM-79 Testing results.
Available in both warm and cool light.
Competitively priced, the total cost of
ownership of an LPACK 20 is reduced
further with a 50,000 hour LED lamp
life, eliminating the need for multiple
lamp changes.

*BGE Incentive is $125 per fixture but incentives are subject to change, check the BGE
and Pepco website for current figures.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fluke 381 with iFlex

The new Fluke 381 does everything you would expect from a clamp meter, and then lets you remove the display for even more flexibility. Now one technician can do jobs that used to require two people. Clamp the Fluke 381 around a conductor, remove the display and walk across the room to operate controls or remove protective equipment, all while watching real-time readings.
The new iFlex flexible current probe (included) expands the measurement range to 2500 A ac while providing increased display flexibility, ability to measure awkward sized conductors and improved wire access. In stock at Dominion!