Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Self-Powered Wireless Controls Allow New Installation Opportunities While Saving Time and Reducing Installation Costs By 50% or More!

We had a nice meeting with William Cheetham and Fran McGovern of Leviton today, so I thought I'd mention one of the more popular products/solutions they carry. (We talked alot about car chargers too, but that's for my next post!)

Has a customer ever asked for a switch in a location where it is difficult or costly to run a wire? How about a detached garage or a room with concrete walls and ceilings? Leviton's LevNet RF™ provides a solution.

With LevNet RF, contractors can now offer their customers a reliable cost-effective wireless solution for basic lighting controls and 3-way switching. All without having to pull new wire. LevNet RF helps contractors complete projects in half the time with little to no negative impact to the customer’s operations or damage to the customer’s property. By spending less time on installations and finishing more jobs, contractors can work smarter and generate additional profits for their company.

Wireless controls offer the best and most cost effective energy solution to meet today’s government mandates to reduce lighting energy use. Using wireless and self-powered technologies developed and licensed from EnOcean, the worldwide leader in wireless control technology, LevNet RF solutions are maintenance-free, saving ongoing labor and material costs while saving energy. Wireless and self-powered technology means no new wiring, external power, or batteries are required.

With no additional wiring required, installation is quick and easy and takes only minutes to configure. LevNet RF offers simple lighting control and configurability for occupancy sensing, ON/OFF switching, 3-way switching, bi-level switching, hotel HVAC control, and much more for design flexibility. No wires, no batteries, and no limits for a flexible and cost-effective energy savings solution in any application – this makes LevNet RF the preferred solution for retrofit and new construction applications. In addition, the LevNet RF line is Made in USA, ARRA, and Buy American compliant.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Philips Endura LED A-Shape Lamp

Earth Day is the official launch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2011 Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR campaign, educating consumers about what they can do to save energy and help protect the climate.

One of our newest stock products fits the bill:

Philips EnduraLED 12.5W has met or exceeded the quality and energy efficiency requirements for a 60W LED equivalent set forth by ENERGY STAR, proving that it is a highly-efficient, cost-effective lighting option for professional end users. The lamp lasts 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than the 60W incandescent it was designed to replace.

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the quality energy efficiency requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are often eligible for utility rebate programs which lower the cost of the product, making it easier for endusers to begin saving energy. To earn an ENERGY STAR label, a 60W LED equivalent must have a minimum light output of 800 lumen, a color temperature of 2700K (for soft-white light), Color Rendering of 80, and a minimum 3 year warranty, among other specifications. The Philips EnduraLED meets or exceeds these specifications with 806 lumens, 2700K, a CRI of 80 and a 6 year warranty.

Philips was also the first – and only – company to have submitted an A19 replacement lamp for the U.S. Department of Energy's L Prize contest, which calls for an LED equivalent to the 60W lamp that can produce 900 lumens using less than 10 watts of electricity. The L Prize is the first government-sponsored competition to encourage innovation in the lighting industry. Since the L Prize submission in the fall of 2009, the Philips lamp has been undergoing field, lab and lifetime testing with the DOE.

EnduraLED A-Shape Lamp is ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Part of an innovative, commercially available LED product family, the Philips EnduraLED line includes 25W, 40W and 60W LED A-shape equivalents that are high-efficiency, soft white-light alternatives to incandescent lighting. These lamps deliver superb color consistency and have a rated average life of 17 years. LUXEON LEDs combined with their unique designs and remote phosphor technology allow the lamps to mimic an incandescent and cast light in all directions, with the same familiar soft-white glow.

Dominion Electric Supply has the Philips EnduraLED 12A19 12W in stock and on display in our supply counters.

Friday, April 15, 2011

EPA Unveils Updated Energy Star Standards for Lighting

EPA Unveils Updated Energy Star Standards for Lighting ASID sent me this article in their Eye on Design Newsletter: Apr 12, 2011 On the heels of announcing new guidelines for TVs, the U.S. EPA has unveiled updated standards for light fixtures. Effective October 1, 2011, to qualify for the Energy Star label, light fixtures will need to increase efficiency 30 percent above currently qualified fluorescent-based fixtures. In 2013, performance requirements will increase further, providing 40 percent higher efficiency compared to currently qualified models.The bulbs in Energy Star-qualified fixtures last at least 10 times longer than standard light bulbs, according to the EPA. The fixtures will continue to meet other strict performance requirements that ensure quick start-up and high quality light output, as well as reduced toxic content in the fixture materials. Additionally, the fixtures will come with a three-year warranty, which is above the industry practice.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

IEC Radio

In the April 13, Electrical Matters enews, I saw that Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) and NCS Radio Network have partnered to bring you IEC Radio, a program that focuses on the construction industry issues you really care about. Each brief segment of IEC Radio keeps you abreast of the latest developments in the construction industry around the world. Now playing on IEC Radio: "Selling Value vs Price" Are you tired of competing solely on offering lower prices? If so, join IEC Radio Host Ted Garrison as he interviews Mack Hannon, author of the bestselling book, Consultative Selling, on how to sell value instead of price. Together, they will discuss how to master consultative selling, and how this relates to delivering greater value and increasing customer satisfaction. Find it here: http://www.ieci.org/index.mv?screen=10_IECRadio

Monday, April 11, 2011


I was invited to attend an event last Thursday to celebrate the University of Maryland's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011, WaterShed. It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the Team and sneak-a-peek at the house. It will be amazing! The goal of the Team is to not only to win the Solar Decathlon (!), but to change the way people live. The University of Maryland was inspired by the Chesapeake Bay to design a house that can live in harmony with nature. Learn how WaterShed provides a unique solution to the challenges faced by the largest estuary in the United States at the DOE website: http://www.solardecathlon.gov/team_maryland.html

The guest list included students, faculty, and mentors of Team Maryland. And speaking for the team were: Wallace D. Loh, President, University of Maryland; Richard King, Director, U.S Department of Energy Solar Decathlon; David Cronrath, Dean, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; Darryll Pines, Dean, A. James Clark School of Engineering; Amy Gardner, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; Principal Investigator, WaterShed; Madlen Simon, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; Co-Principal Investigator, WaterShed; Allison Wilson, Student Team Leader, Architecture; David Daily, Student Team Leader, Engineering; Scott Tjaden, Student Team Leader, Living Systems; Parlin Meyer, Student Team Leader, Construction.

It was especially nice to hear how much the Team appreciated the hard work, dedication, and mentoring of our good customer, John Cartagirone, American Power & Light (http://www.americanpowerandlight.com/), who got us involved in the project. He is very forward thinking and a great guy. Check out the house on-line or visit it once it is reassembled at West Potomac Park for the Decathlon Sept 23 - Oct 2, 2011. (or call John!)