Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Intelli-Arc™ Diagnostic Tool

We are really excited about the Siemens IDT5000.  We just featured it on our latest mailer, but in case you aren't on our mailing list (sign up here!) I thought I'd highlight it socially.

The Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool (model IDT5000) makes it easier to troubleshoot AFCI circuits by improving troubleshooting accuracy and reducing the number of visits to the problem site. The diagnostic tool can be used with any circuit breaker, regardless of brand.

Arc faults are often intermittent which can make troubleshooting the branch circuit very difficult. In these cases, it is important to determine whether the fault condition exists in the permanent wiring, in connected equipment, or in a power cord.

The Siemens Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool helps to accurately diagnose the circuit in which a fault has occurred. When used in conjunction with good troubleshooting techniques, this tool allows the electrical contractor to determine and locate the root cause or source of the fault. The device presents information as to the type and magnitude of fault. Since the fault may not cause an AFCI to trip for various reasons (i.e., duration too short, current level too low), the tool provides an indication showing how close an event is to causing an AFCI to trip.

Watch the YouTube video: The Siemens Intelli-Arc Diagnostic Tool helps to accurately determine the circuit in which a fault has occurred while also providing information including the type and magnitude of the fault.

-Improves troubleshooting accuracy
-Reduce time spent and number of trips to problem site
-Simplistic setup: wire in, wire out to use
-Wireless communication- enables “1 person” troubleshooting
-Can be used to troubleshoot any AFCI circuit
-LED Indicators: provides status level for current, ground fault, and arc fault
-Status Indicators: provides confirmation of power and communication connection

Siemens IDT5000 Data Sheet