Thursday, July 25, 2013

Commercial Lighting Control Training

Quick edit - Sean Thomas and Manny Rodriguez presented to us.  So sorry for the mistake Sean!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We had a great training today at the Lutron Experience Center in Washington, DC.  (if you haven't been there yet, let me know! It is well worth the time.)

Sean Thomas and Manny Rodriguez presented on Commercial Lighting controls and solutions. Lighting typically accounts for 38% of electricity usage a year in new construction and retrofit commercial applications, which include spaces such as classrooms and offices. These applications can benefit from energy savings through various strategies like automatic occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

Studies show that proper lighting is beneficial to occupants. By providing task-appropriate lighting and individual lighting control, you can improve comfort and occupant satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity.

Lutron's Energi TriPak requires no additional wiring. The components communicate wirelessly via Lutron's reliable Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) technology.  In addition, simple button press programming eliminates the need for factory commissioning.

Key points from today and product literature:
-save up to 60% of lighting electricity usage
-increase occupant comfort and productivity
-control virtually all loads
-reduce installation and programming costs

One of the cool products highlighted was Lutron's stairwell LED fixture. The stairwell fixture with PowPak stairwell controller saves energy by reducing light levels when the stairwell is occupied and lowering light levels when it is unoccupied. Want to learn more?  Visit: Energi TriPak components Stairwell Fixture or call me. I'd love to share more.

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