Friday, September 7, 2012

Century Wire Pro Glo Extension Cords

I think these cords are so great! You can really differentiate with them -- not to mention find your cord. They are Fluorescent, Flexible, Lighted and can be CUSTOM IMPRINTED if you buy in bulk.

Here's the scoop from the Century website:

Century Wire Pro Glo® Extension Cords - Pro Glo® SJTW (300V) jackets offer high visibility for safety underfoot and extra flexibility in cold weather. Each male plug has a built in amber neon light which indicates that there is power in the cords and outlet. In addition, these extension cords provide Continuous Current and Ground Monitoring (CGM), an OSHA safety requirement. A green neon light in the female connectors lets you know at-a-glance that there is ground continuity.

Custom Print Available… Absolutely Free… Allow 7 Extra Days For Delivery!

Century will print our customer’s name and telephone number every 12 inches down the entire length of the cord. Printed cords will discourage theft when used at the jobsite; provide instant advertising; and company recognition which will promote more business.  Inquire with our counters for cord costs and availabilty.

And learn more at the Century website:

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