Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Halloween and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions

The guys on the Arlington counter were having a little fun and made up this counter display for October. Can you tell who the pumpkins are suppose to be?

To the left side of the awesome display (the cover is on the right) you can see a Electric Vehicle (EV) charger from Schneider Electric. In the catalog Schneider notes: Schneider Electric has solutions for your unique needs and will work with you to deliver the best charging infrastructure solution that includes product, installation, maintenance, and an infrastructure management system.

Schneider EV charging products are compatible with safety standards and industry specific standards, such as the Society of Automotive Engineers standards (SAE J1772).

They offer Residential charging stations which provide simple, easy-to-install, and userfriendly solutions for charging electric vehicles at home. Installations are provided by a network of licensed installers. Advanced versions feature intelligent communications and smart-grid integration options. And Commercial and Fleet Charging Solutions.

Fleet and commercial customers can count on charging solutions that offer convenient public and private access. Advanced versions will feature remote monitoring and billing capabilities servicing multiple charging points.

Learn more by downloading their brochure and catalog from our website: or stop by one of our counter locations to take a look and ask questions. If you stop by remember, you'll only see these guys in our Arlington location - 5053 Lee Highway.

Happy Halloween!!

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