Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ENERGY STAR education

Dominion Electric Supply is an ENERGY STAR Partner. We received their Fall 2010 Business & Industry Newsletter today and they had this feature for businesses I thought might be worth passing on:

Many of your tenants and employees are already taking steps to be greener at home by choosing energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and heating and cooling systems. But what about going green…at work? Did you know that the average office building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes? It's easy for employees to help eliminate that waste once they know which easy steps to take.

To help our partners educate and activate employees, tenants, and others, EPA has launched an off-the-shelf package of materials for HR professionals who want to encourage employees to save energy while helping their organization’s bottom line. Use this downloadable toolkit to hold and promote a brown bag session to educate employees about energy use, its impact on the environment, and what they can do to help. We provide a complete PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) that you can customize, editable flyers to hang around the building to advertise your session, and an email invitation template.

We’ve made it easy to incorporate energy education into your organization’s training program; start engaging those around you to follow your lead and “bring their green to work! Learn more at the ENERGY STAR website:

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