Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Energy Efficiency Requirements

In my latest American Lighting Association Technology Update eletter, Terry K. McGowan, FIES, Director of Technology and Engineering writes:

Ban-the-Bulb"? No!
The most important change, because it is likely to generate many consumer inquiries about residential lighting, is the January 1, 2011, requirement in California to replace the standard 100 watt "A-Line" or general service household bulb with a more efficient 72 watt version.

Many of your consumer customers have the impression that this is the result of "ban-the-bulb" legislation such as was passed during the last couple of years in Europe or Australia. That's incorrect. In California, and a year later throughout the U.S., the 100 watt household bulb will be replaced with a lower wattage, more efficient (lumens/watt) version followed by replacements for the 75, 60 and 40 watt lamps in upcoming years. The ALA has written a simple one-page summary of these changes. Find it here: or on Dominion's website:

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