Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Retail Furniture Store Case Study

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day. I enjoyed a day off! And to extend my break a little bit more, Pete Rotkis, part of our Lighting/Energy Management team has sent in a guest post:

There are many ways to become more green and it isn't just CFL's and LED's (although those are two good options.) I recently completed a job using energy saving halogen lamps. My customer was a high end furniture shop in Georgetown. We needed something that would beautifully show their products and work with their existing lighting fixtures, as well as, save them energy.

After reviewing the space and conducting an energy audit, I recommended replacing their old 90 watt PAR lamps with a Philips Halogen Energy Advantage IR PAR 38 Lamp which would use 70 watts. This simple switch saved them 20 watts per lamp for each of the 137 lamps in the retail space, gave them the same light output, and extended the lamp life. This gave the customer energy savings as well as maintenance savings with a return on investment of under a year.

Proving again that Solutions aren't always complicated! Thanks Pete!

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