Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BGE Smart Energy Savers

BGE is pleased to partner with local service providers to promote energy efficiency services to our business customers. Service providers help raise awareness of our energy efficiency programs and inform customers about the opportunities and incentives available.

Come and learn about BGE Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM Energy Solutions for Business and how it can better position you to help BGE business customers receive the maximum benefits available through the Program. This training fulfills the training requirement for your company to be considered for listing as a BGE Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM Service Provider for Business.

The training session will include:

• Overview of Industrial & Commercial programs
• Participation and Eligibility Requirements
• Program Application Examples
• Do’s and Don’ts
• Terms and Conditions
• Service Provider Services

Please RSVP by completing and returning the Service Provider Training form which can be found at our website: http://www.dominionelectric.com/news.htm . If you have any questions, please call BGE Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM at 410-290-1202.

BGE Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM

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